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Positive Path Friendship and Dating is an agency for adults in Hampshire and Dorset aged 18 years and over with learning and physical challenges

Positive Path has been set up by Jane Atkinson, mother to George, who is a high-functioning 20-year old autistic young man. One of the main reasons for Jane setting this up is because there are very few opportunities available for people with various challenges to meet in a safe social setting and build relationships.

"Five times as many males as females are diagnosed with autism.

The proportion of males as opposed to females diagnosed with autism varies across studies, but always shows a greater proportion of males."

— Fombonne at al (2011) found a mean of 5.5 males to 1 female

To become a member, you need to fill in the online application form, then Jane will contact you to arrange to meet you. If it is difficult for you to travel Jane will arrange to come and meet you instead.

Once your membership has been approved, we will look for suitable matches, according to what you’re looking for, and arrange a meeting.

The membership fee is £10 per month and each initial chaperoned meeting will incur a one-off £20 payment.

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"Marriage is more than infatuation, more than “I love you”. It’s sticking together no matter what, still caring for someone after 1000 arguments, forgiveness and holding up your commitment to each other no matter what. "

Caryssa Kramer, Diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of eleven

Positive Path Friendship and Dating draws upon the years of experience gained from our sister company Positive Path Play Therapy

Positive Path Play Therapy


Jane has been working in this field since George’s diagnosis of severe autism at the age of 2 years old. Jane’s background in drama and teaching helped immensely combined with her passion to devise play therapy that would change George’s future forever and since many more children and parents have benefitted from her expertise.

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We will endeavour to answer your enquiry personally within 24hrs

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