Hi my name is Andrew – I have been a member of the Positive Path Foundation since February 2022. The first event I attended was a TGI Fridays and Games night. Due to past experiences with trying to make friends and past experiences of bullying, I was very nervous about trying to make new friends; however, after attending my first event with Positive Path Foundation and doing the TGI Fridays and games night, I was really optimistic about making new friends. The dinner members, including Jane and Shelley, were so welcoming; it was like joining a great and giant family of people who all wanted to make friends and be happy. It has been great to meet other Positive Path members, supporters and Staff throughout all the other events I have attended. Jane and Shelley are full of joy and happiness and also very funny. They create a positive experience even when being silly and start running around the restaurant as Christmas characters, making the event perfect and enjoyable. Jane has also been a massive help when I need it. I can talk to her when I feel low or worried and know she will help as much as possible. Jane understands what it is like for someone like us to live with a disability. She knows how to help overcome problems and return on a positive path. Shelley also, with Jane, runs fantastic workshops to help all of us be more independent. I recently attended a Money Management workshop, and it was great to learn more about managing money when I get older. Looking forward to doing more workshops with Shelley and Jane and learning more skills. If someone I met was like me and had a disability and maybe needed assistance with personal problems and even help to make some solid friendships, I would recommend the Positive Path Foundation. I have learnt from joining Positive Path that you may have a label saying: you have a disability. Still, you also have so much more to give and skillsets that others around you would love to have. With Positive Path's help and support, you can start your journey to happiness. My future with Positive Path will be great while making new friends and becoming more sociable. I also now get support with employability, which is a package I am so grateful to have, the best decision I have made in a long time. Thank you, Jane and Shelley!