Hi my name is Emma Austin – Hi Jane & Shelley, I liked all of the activities especially the climbing wall it has inspired me to think about a rock climbing course. It also gave me inspiration that if I put my mind to it, I can do anything no matter how hard it is. I enjoyed the company of friends, Shelley, Jane and the two instructors at Osmington Bay. They were all so nice and understanding. They were also very helpful. I found that the accommodation was lovely too, we could just relax in our rooms or sit down in the lounge when ever we felt like it. Overall I really enjoyed myself and I would like to go there again if possible. Love Emma

Daniel & Trish Austin , Emma Austin 's Parents - Hi Jane & Shelley Picked a very Happy Emma up from Graham yesterday, she was tired but full of great memories, aching muscles and some bruises which all made her tales of the weekend more realistic. She seemed to have really enjoyed every aspect of the weekend so a really big thank you for organising it. We sent the couple of photos of the climbing wall round friends and family and all were duly impressed by her achievements. Thank you once again Daniel & Trish