Hi my name is Josh Ward – Hi my name is Josh and I've been a member of the Positive Path Foundation charity from the very beginning when it first started. Going away for the weekend with the charity to PGL Osmington Bay was an incredible experience and I had an amazing time. It wasn't what I expected and I came out of it all at the end feeling very proud of myself and also incredibly grateful to Jane & Shelley for organising the whole weekend away. It wouldn't of been possible without those two lovely ladies. I loved to see just how much time we just spent laughing and having a great time with one another. I love my positive path family and it felt very supportive the whole entire weekend. Everyone was cheering and encouraging and clapping and helping one another to do something which at first seemed scary. I've conquered the zip wire and I've managed to do some indoor rock climbing. Not only that but I've helped to build a buggy together as one whole team. The food was amazing and we were well fed and looked after by the charity and the PGL team. I enjoyed the evenings spent chilling in the bar that they had. It was very relaxing to unwind and just have some fun playing pool or even giant jenga. I can't fault the weekend and I felt like it had the perfect balance of activities mixed in with time to relax and rest. Prior to this weekend away I've been feeling very anxious and overwhelmed by a lot of thing's in life and I can honestly say that going away with the charity has helped me and made me realise that whatever challenges in life I'm facing I don't have to face it alone. The positive path foundation charity believe in me 100% and they can see my best qualities and just how kind, caring, funny and thoughtful I can be. It was a 5 star 🌟 weekend away and I really hope we go back there next year.