Hi my name is Tyra – I had a lovely time with my friends there and enjoyed watching people do activities. I like doing activities too and it was okay for me not to do the zip wire. I like the other activities like beach walking, rifle shooting and hanging out in the bar with my friends. Playing pool with others and spending time together!

Lisa, Tyra 's Mum - Tyra had a fantastic time this weekend. She loved being with her friends and enjoyed her time with them very much, so much so that she said how much she was going to miss them on her way home! She said it was good that she didn't feel like she had to do the zip wire or climbing wall as she is afraid of heights but could join in with a number of other activities that she enjoyed. It is very important to me that I know Tyra is safe and with people who are supportive, and caring and I 100% feel relaxed when she goes away with Positive Path Foundation. From Jane and Shelley, right through to all the members who are supportive and helpful, caring and kind to one another. It's a great group and Tyra always enjoys her events and the members and I have seen her confidence increase so much from these weekends and events that she attends. Best wishes, Lisa