Hi my name is Charlotte Rimmington – I love and enjoy being part of the Positive Path Family as everyone is so kind, and we all look after each other as a family. I enjoy going on trips and spending time with everyone. Jane and Shelley are both so kind, caring and such lovely ladies welcoming me into the positive path family group when I joined making me feel like I am part of the positive path family and they make sure everyone in the group is ok. Positive Path Foundation has helped me by giving me the confidence to make new friends my age like my best friend Katie and my friend Tyra who I enjoy meeting up with.

Jane, Charlotte Rimmington's Mum - We heard about the Positive Path Foundation from a friend who had seen an article about Jane Atkinson who started this wonderful group. Our beautiful daughter, who we are intensely proud of, despite being on the autistic spectrum with mild learning disabilities has carved a life for herself, earning her own money, driving her own car and taking part in activities outside the home, including line dancing and rock climbing! However, finding friends her own age and on the same wavelength that she could have a social life with has not always been easy and most of her time at school was marred by unkindness and bullying. Well, that is the case no longer thanks to Positive Path Foundation. She now has some very good friends, including a couple of lovely girls and a new best friend that she is constantly messaging and has been shopping and out to lunch with independently of the group and they have future trips already planned! Positive Path Foundation has made a difference to our daughter’s life in a very ‘positive’ way, which is exactly what the group is all about – building confidence, enabling friendships to develop and seeing young people blossom all within a caring and nurturing environment. Thank you Jane, Shelley and the gang at PPF!