Positive Path Foundation need you!

Here at Positive Path Foundation we support a fun-loving, high functioning group of special needs adults who appreciate the opportunity to get out, make friends and enjoy a social life.

Due to increasing numbers of people needing our help we are always looking for volunteers. This can be from as little as a couple of hours a week and usually in the evenings or weekend.

The amount of time is up to you but if you could commit to at least one event per month that would be fantastic! This would be for around 3 – 4 hours per month and if you can do more that would be great.

Our events are located around the New Forest right down to the coastal areas of Bournemouth and Southampton. The location is always dependent on the activity.

We like to think that volunteering for Positive Path Foundation could easily fit around your life, where you live with minimal travel and the amount of time you would like to give.

If you are over the age of 18, the only requirements:

  • Patience
  • Understanding
  • Calm nature
  • Passionate about helping others
  • Compassionate
  • Reliable
  • Able to work as a team

Our members are a fun-loving group and we need our volunteers to have the same positive outlook that they have.

Although this is a volunteering role we would cover the cost of your DBS check, travel and any expenses. The role could also be quite energetic at times depending on the activity. It isn’t just the events that we need volunteers for, it could also be office based if we have a big event coming up and need assistance in contacting local companies to drum up funding and support.

What will you gain from volunteering with us?

Volunteering alone is known to be beneficial for people’s mental well being, it is rewarding to make a difference to someone’s life however small it may be.

Enhance your CV – other employers appreciate individuals who show a commitment to helping others.

Gain experience of working with special needs – especially useful if you are a student looking to work in this field.

Work experience in a different field to your day job – many of us have transferable skills that can be used in a volunteering position and give a varied outlook on life.

Come on, join us a make a difference to yourself and others!

A great volunteer has a ‘can do’ attitude.  Just the willingness to learn and help out in a multitude of different ways makes our volunteers invaluable to us.


If you are interested in volunteering then we would love to talk to you! Please call Jane on 07979 691429 and join the PPF Family.

07979 691429 or email jane@positivepathfoundation.org.