Positive Path Foundation is a charity set up to support Friendship and Dating for adults in Hampshire and Dorset aged 18 years and over with learning and physical challenges.

The charity has been set up by Jane Atkinson, mother to George, who is a high-functioning 21-year-old autistic young man and Barbara O’Dwyer, mother to Josie, who is a high functioning 24-year-old autistic young lady. George and Josie met on a blind date two years ago and were in a relationship together for eighteen months. It ended amicably and they remain great friends. It was apparent to Jane and Barbara that their relationship was missing a circle of friends that they could socialise within a safe and social environment. Since their relationship ended, they have both struggled to meet anyone else as there is nothing available in Hampshire and Dorset. Positive Path Foundation will support  adults with physical and learning challenges to meet new people, socialise and help them  gain new friendship skills.

Shelley (Events and Matching)
Shelley (Events and Matching)
Barbara and Jane
Barbara and Jane
George & Josie
Jo, PA and Events Organiser
Jo, PA and Events Organiser

"Five times as many males as females are diagnosed with autism.The proportion of males, as opposed to females diagnosed with autism, varies across studies, but always shows a greater proportion of males."

— Fombonne at al (2011) found a mean of 5.5 males to 1 female

The foundation will put on regular social events such as discos, live gigs, bowling, cinema, theatre and eating out.

All events will be chaperoned by Positive Path Foundation staff but if you need additional support, you can bring someone along.  All staff will have a valid DBS certificate, ID check and covered under the charity insurance.

Regular activities will be open to all members who wish to attend. These will include cooking lessons, communication skills, arts and crafts, guitar lessons and general life skills. All events and activities will be divided into two age groups: 18-35 year olds and 36 years and above.

We will also help you with travel training, money management and looking for employment. Also there will be opportunities in the future to work for the charity.

Joining Positive Path Friendship and Dating

To become a member, you need to fill in the online application form, then Jane or Barbara will contact you to arrange to meet for an interview. If it is difficult for you to travel Jane or Barbara will arrange to come and meet you instead.

Once your membership has been approved, we will look for suitable matches, according to what you are looking for, and arrange a meeting.

The members donate £10 per month to the charity which will give them the opportunity to be matched and also allow them to come to all the events and activities that the foundation arrange.

All first meetings will be chaperoned by a Positive Path Foundation team member.

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Contact us for support, information pack, or general enquiries.

Contact either Jane (07745 182122) or Barbara (07707 876503) or email jane@positivepathfoundation.org or barbara@positivepathfoundation.org to arrange an interview.

Video Interview available via Skype, Whatsapp or Facetime.

We are always available to advise and support you through the ups and downs of building relationships.

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