Friendship and socialising for young adults with high-functioning ASD or physical challenges. Friendship and socialising for young adults with high-functioning ASD or physical challenges.

Positive Path Foundation is a UK registered charity. Our primary mission is to nurture friendship, social skills, independence and work opportunities for individuals with high-functioning ASD or physical challenges. We also offer therapy, mentoring, sibling support, play therapy and time-out respite to assist the entire family living with special needs. Advice, guidance and advocacy is available to help our families locate and secure the appropriate practical and financial support to which they are entitled.


Why is Positive Path Foundation different?

Our focus is on individuals with high-functioning ASD or physical challenges who are frequently overlooked by the system. Provision for profound disability is widely available, but we know there is a lack of adequate provision serving the real needs of high functioning children and young adults, with ASD in particular, and their families. 

Individuals with high-functioning ASD or physical challenges may appear able on the surface, but they often learn to mask their challenges. This hidden disability is why our members slip through the system: they struggle with social interaction, making/maintaining friendships, low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression which can spiral into chronic mental health issues.

We are so proud to receive testimonials from members and their parents telling us we have changed their lives. Providing regular opportunities to socialise, make friends and gain essential life skills in a non-judgemental and safe environment has brought about lasting improvements in mental health for many of our members.

No-one with additional needs should miss out on what we have to offer due to economic disadvantage so, in cases of genuine hardship, we can waive our membership fees. We can also provide reduced cost therapy and advice for low-income families and parents who work for the NHS.

Positive Path Foundation operates in all area’s between Eastleigh in Hampshire and Poole in Dorset.

We are most grateful to receive ongoing support in various forms from Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Foundation; most recently an award of £7,037 from the GVC fund aimed specifically at supporting our work in tackling the social isolation and mental health issues that many of our members experience.

We are also delighted to have recently received an award of £5,000 from Dorset Community Foundation GVC Fund to help us provide more local events, activities and workshops for Positive Path members in the Dorset area.

We thank The National Lottery Community Fund for an award of £10,000, received as an Awards for All grant at the end of 2022. This will help towards the cost of staff we need to deliver our exciting and varied program of events, activities and workshops planned for 2023

To all three of the above funding bodies, on behalf of the disadvantaged children, young people and adults who are our members and the families that care for them, we offer our sincere thanks for these valuable resources to allow us to continue to develop our work and partnerships in 2023.


Where it all began…

After years of struggle trying to find suitable disability social groups for her son George to join, Jane Atkinson, an autism therapist with 20+ years of experience, decided to launch Positive Path Foundation to help George and the many young people like him.

PPF’s original objective, to give our members opportunities to socialise, share in mutual activities and make new friends, remains our core service.

We now offer a range of additional services…

  • Time Out for over 16’s
  • Bespoke Sibling Days Out & Support
  • Special Needs Adult Support for over 16’s
  • Therapy & Mentoring for the whole family
  • Play therapy for children age 3+

For full information take a look under our Family Support section or email

Jane’s Background…

Jane developed Positive Path Play Therapy 22 years ago to assist her then non-verbal and classically autistic son, George. George as a child was severely autistic, with limited speech, no play or social skills, eating issues and ritualistic behaviour; today he is a high-functioning 24 year old man who is currently studying childcare, working in a pre-school, driving his own car and socialising with the friends he has made through Positive Path Foundation.  Positive Path Play Therapy has  helped ASD children all over the country, bringing great gains for families living with autism and it is now available as a PPF Family Support service.

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Hear what our members think..


Positive Path Foundation has changed my life
I honestly don’t know what we would have done without Jane.
We would be lost without Positive Path!
it is nice to have new friends to talk to and do things with, together.


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Meeting the team

Events & Workshops Manager
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Events & workshops

“Team Leaders Josh, Charlotte, Katie and George are members of PPF who act as representatives and a voice for the wider membership. They meet monthly to inform and shape our programme of events, activities and workshops, based on the other member’s feedback. The Team Leaders also welcome and support new members and act as helpers at various events when extra hands are needed.


The role of Team Leader is our way of rewarding these four young adults with extra responsibilities, of which they can be justly proud, for their kindness and support towards the other members. A big thank you and congratulations to our Team Leaders as ambassadors of the PPF Family!”