Friendship and Socialising
for adults with learning and physical challenges

Positive Path Foundation is a charity set up to support the development of friendship, social skills, independence and work opportunities for high functioning individuals with both learning difficulties and physical challenges.

We also offer therapy, mentoring, sibling support, play therapy and time out to assist the entire family living with special needs. Support and guidance is also offered to parents of children upon diagnosis, assisting parents navigate their next steps for their child. We can offer support in the practicalities, therapies and coping strategies.
Positive Path Foundations operates broadly between Eastleigh in Hampshire and Poole in Dorset.

Why is Positive Path Foundation different?

Our focus is on high functioning individuals with learning/physical difficulties that are overlooked by the system. Provision for the profoundly disabled appears much more widely available but there is limited provision for high functioning children and adults. Parents are regularly ignored when seeking support and many have even heard the term ‘not disabled enough’ to qualify!

High functioning individuals appear very able on the surface but struggle with social interaction, making/keeping friendships, emotions, low self esteem, anxiety, and depression which can spiral into mental health issues.

We are so proud to receive testimonials from parents telling us we have changed their child’s life by giving them the opportunity to socialise, make friends and gain essential life skills in a non-judgemental and safe environment.

Positive Path Foundation believe that no one with additional needs should miss out on what we have to offer due to economic disadvantage.

To help in cases of genuine hardship, we can waive our adult support membership fee. We can also provide free or reduced cost telephone therapy sessions. Jane is available to support and improve mental health for families facing challenging home lives.

Positive Path Foundation are BCP (Bournemouth Christchurch & Poole Council) approved for therapy.

A CHRISTMAS SING & DANCE ALONG WITH ELSA & OLAF at Positive Path Foundation’s Magical Christmas Wonderland! We would love to share this experience with the people of Sway village and the surrounding area.
Drift away in fairy lights delight with over a thousand sparkling lights, light up wildlife and much more! Wonderland available to view anytime but if you want to meet Elsa and Olaf make sure you attend on either Friday 2nd Dec 6pm or Monday 19th Dec at 7pm. If you are a Frozen fan come along to both!
Please show your support for our wonderful Charity and donate to help us grow and share the PPF love! You can find the display at The New Cabin, Station Rd, SO41 6AA

FREE CHRISTMAS INFLATABLE FUN DAY!!- Yes it is back! Our FREE inflatable fun day for special needs adults and children, kindly funded by Dorset Council. Two sessions one for under 14’s and one for over 14’s! Call or email Jane Atkinson to book a place – 07979 691429 –

Where it all began…

The Founder of Positive Path Foundation, Jane Atkinson decided to set up a charity herself to benefit her son George and many others like him, this was following years of struggle trying to find  suitable disability social groups for her son to join.

The Foundation originally started organising social events that enabled their members to meet new people, socialise, enjoy being out in the community and gain new friendship skills.

We have now grown to offer:

Therapy & Mentoring for the whole family

Special Needs Adult Support for over 16’s

PPF Extra for 11 – 15yr olds

Bespoke Sibling Days Out & Support

Play therapy from age 3+

Time Out for over 16’s

For full information take a look under our Family Support section or email

Jane’s Background

Jane developed her own play therapy 22 years ago to assist her then non-verbal classically autistic son. George went from severe autism with no play or social skills, eating issues and ritualistic behaviour to now a high functioning 24 year old man who is currently studying childcare, working in a pre-school, driving his own car and socialising with friends he has made through Positive Path Foundation.  Positive Path Play Therapy has worked with children all over the country, bringing great gains for families living with autism and is now operating within the same scope as Positive Path Foundation.

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I like to be part of Positive Path because I like meeting new people


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