Hi my name is Tania – Jane came over to talk to myself and a group of local Childminders as we often feel 'lost' when it comes to supporting children with autism and/or SEND needs, and their families. Her in-depth knowledge and first hand experience was invaluable to us. It was so informative speaking to someone who is just so dedicated to fighting for these children's needs, and their families, as they so desperately need such support to tackle the system to get the best outcomes possible for the child.

Hi my name is Nikki – We have been working with Jane from the PPF since January 2022. Our youngest son started Secondary School in September 2021 and was having extreme difficulties adjusting and settling into his new environment. We are presently undertaking an EHCP for him and also an ASC assessment, as the Secondary School identified him as being on the Autistic Spectrum. Initially we were lost as a family, with this diagnosis. We just assumed our son was strong willed and would do things in his own time, which has been the case with most of his development on reflection. There was no indication from Primary School other than in Home Schooling during the Pandemic we struggled to get him to engage with this homework at the time. His behaviour was very extreme with regular meltdowns and crying fits, this was taking place at home and within the school setting. He was withdrawn and wouldn't really interact with us as a family. We had a couple of "parental" sessions initially where we explained our history and then Jane suggested different strategies and techniques to use when he was displaying this type of behaviour in the home setting. The strategies whilst seemed "easy" to implement I knew there would be much resistance from our son.....However Jane was on hand whenever I needed reassurance or someone to talk too...and we committed to them and stuck with it. Within a few weeks of sticking to the new way of parenting; I'm pleased to say the strategies were having a positive affect. Our son is interacting with us happily now. He is more engaged with us as family, and there are less meltdowns too!!! If we do have the odd blip/moment, then I feel confident with how to handle these situations now and for that I will be eternally grateful. We continue to work with Jane, she is supporting us through the EHCP process and helping us liaise with the various Departments this involves. I would 100% recommend Positive Path Foundation. George's mum

Hi my name is Fraser – Life has changed for Fraser over the last 6 months since discovering this wonderful charity. He is accepted, acknowledged and appreciated within a group, offered opportunities to socialise, interact and communicate in a safe and age appropriate environment. Jane and Shelley source a mix of fun and engaging activities and events that I can’t replicate at home. He has learn new skills whilst taking part in archery, rock climbing and go karting and built friendships and trust whilst playing team games and sports. Fraser very much looks forwards to the events, always keen to know when the next outing is which gives him a sense of belonging and inclusion. As parents, other than his school days, we provided all his social and leisure activities which were often poorly attended due to his isolation within the community and his peers. He is thriving within his new found group, talking about ‘my friends’ which is heartwarming to hear. We drop him off in the capable hands of Jane and Shelley knowing he will have a fantastic time, which also allows us some hours of respite and a break. I wholeheartedly recommend Positive Path Foundation for the exceptional service they provide and the productive impact it has had on our lives - Georgi, Fraser's mum

Hi my name is Josh Ward – Hi my name is Josh and I've been a member of the Positive Path Foundation charity from the very beginning when it first started. Going away for the weekend with the charity to PGL Osmington Bay was an incredible experience and I had an amazing time. It wasn't what I expected and I came out of it all at the end feeling very proud of myself and also incredibly grateful to Jane & Shelley for organising the whole weekend away. It wouldn't of been possible without those two lovely ladies. I loved to see just how much time we just spent laughing and having a great time with one another. I love my positive path family and it felt very supportive the whole entire weekend. Everyone was cheering and encouraging and clapping and helping one another to do something which at first seemed scary. I've conquered the zip wire and I've managed to do some indoor rock climbing. Not only that but I've helped to build a buggy together as one whole team. The food was amazing and we were well fed and looked after by the charity and the PGL team. I enjoyed the evenings spent chilling in the bar that they had. It was very relaxing to unwind and just have some fun playing pool or even giant jenga. I can't fault the weekend and I felt like it had the perfect balance of activities mixed in with time to relax and rest. Prior to this weekend away I've been feeling very anxious and overwhelmed by a lot of thing's in life and I can honestly say that going away with the charity has helped me and made me realise that whatever challenges in life I'm facing I don't have to face it alone. The positive path foundation charity believe in me 100% and they can see my best qualities and just how kind, caring, funny and thoughtful I can be. It was a 5 star 🌟 weekend away and I really hope we go back there next year.

Hi my name is Katie Yates – Hi Jane, Thank you so much for the weekend away. I loved the weekend away, it has been great to spend time with friends and I loved all of the activities even the rifle shooting as I did not think I would like it, it has been an amazing weekend with lots of fun and laughter. Thank Jane and Shelley Lots of love Katie xxx

Hi my name is Tyra – I had a lovely time with my friends there and enjoyed watching people do activities. I like doing activities too and it was okay for me not to do the zip wire. I like the other activities like beach walking, rifle shooting and hanging out in the bar with my friends. Playing pool with others and spending time together!

Lisa, Tyra 's Mum - Tyra had a fantastic time this weekend. She loved being with her friends and enjoyed her time with them very much, so much so that she said how much she was going to miss them on her way home! She said it was good that she didn't feel like she had to do the zip wire or climbing wall as she is afraid of heights but could join in with a number of other activities that she enjoyed. It is very important to me that I know Tyra is safe and with people who are supportive, and caring and I 100% feel relaxed when she goes away with Positive Path Foundation. From Jane and Shelley, right through to all the members who are supportive and helpful, caring and kind to one another. It's a great group and Tyra always enjoys her events and the members and I have seen her confidence increase so much from these weekends and events that she attends. Best wishes, Lisa

Hi my name is Emma Austin – Hi Jane & Shelley, I liked all of the activities especially the climbing wall it has inspired me to think about a rock climbing course. It also gave me inspiration that if I put my mind to it, I can do anything no matter how hard it is. I enjoyed the company of friends, Shelley, Jane and the two instructors at Osmington Bay. They were all so nice and understanding. They were also very helpful. I found that the accommodation was lovely too, we could just relax in our rooms or sit down in the lounge when ever we felt like it. Overall I really enjoyed myself and I would like to go there again if possible. Love Emma

Daniel & Trish Austin , Emma Austin 's Parents - Hi Jane & Shelley Picked a very Happy Emma up from Graham yesterday, she was tired but full of great memories, aching muscles and some bruises which all made her tales of the weekend more realistic. She seemed to have really enjoyed every aspect of the weekend so a really big thank you for organising it. We sent the couple of photos of the climbing wall round friends and family and all were duly impressed by her achievements. Thank you once again Daniel & Trish

Hi my name is George Stooks – I had an amazing time with my friends at our residential weekend. I loved all the activities and having lots of fun. Thank you mum for setting up the charity as I have made so many friends xx

Hi my name is Jay – I found out about positive path last year and thought I would give it a go and I am so glad I did. I love meeting new friends of all ages and always look forward to the next trip . Since starting I have been on a boat trip, crazy golf, bowling, quiz night with dinner, beach games but most of all going to see a show.

Lynn, Jay's Mum - I am so happy Jay's school put me in touch with PPF. Jay has met some lovely friends. He always looks forward to going and Jane and Shelly are so lovely. It’s like one big family!

Hi my name is Sam Cole – A brilliant group of people who I have developed strong relationships with that has changed my life forever!

Lin, Sam Cole's Mum - Since Sam joined Positive Path, he has increased his friendships & has become more outgoing. It has made him more independent & given him more confidence. Jane & her team are amazing & really look out for all the members & their individual needs. Such an amazing find for our family!!

Hi my name is Charlotte Rimmington – I love and enjoy being part of the Positive Path Family as everyone is so kind, and we all look after each other as a family. I enjoy going on trips and spending time with everyone. Jane and Shelley are both so kind, caring and such lovely ladies welcoming me into the positive path family group when I joined making me feel like I am part of the positive path family and they make sure everyone in the group is ok. Positive Path Foundation has helped me by giving me the confidence to make new friends my age like my best friend Katie and my friend Tyra who I enjoy meeting up with.

Jane, Charlotte Rimmington's Mum - We heard about the Positive Path Foundation from a friend who had seen an article about Jane Atkinson who started this wonderful group. Our beautiful daughter, who we are intensely proud of, despite being on the autistic spectrum with mild learning disabilities has carved a life for herself, earning her own money, driving her own car and taking part in activities outside the home, including line dancing and rock climbing! However, finding friends her own age and on the same wavelength that she could have a social life with has not always been easy and most of her time at school was marred by unkindness and bullying. Well, that is the case no longer thanks to Positive Path Foundation. She now has some very good friends, including a couple of lovely girls and a new best friend that she is constantly messaging and has been shopping and out to lunch with independently of the group and they have future trips already planned! Positive Path Foundation has made a difference to our daughter’s life in a very ‘positive’ way, which is exactly what the group is all about – building confidence, enabling friendships to develop and seeing young people blossom all within a caring and nurturing environment. Thank you Jane, Shelley and the gang at PPF!

Hi my name is Chris – I enjoy going to the Positive Path events and the people are nice, especially Jane

Charlotte, Chris 's Mum - Chris has gained a great deal since joining Positive Path Foundation. Unfortunately there is a great gap in social opportunities for higher functioning adults like Chris. Many of the available social groups have an upper age limit of 25 and the ones for the over 25’s are accessed by profoundly disabled adults with physical and challenging emotional needs. Chris has a broad range of issues and an acute language and communication learning disability. Chris is however very bright and has no physical disabilities. Before Positive Path Foundation was formed, Chris was extremely isolated and lonely. As his brothers and sisters have grown up and flown the nest, his self esteem has plummeted. The current pandemic has only exacerbated these issues. Jane and her wonderful team have been a ray of sunshine and Chris has blossomed. Because Positive Path Foundation is so transparent and well organised, we as a family have been able to support Chris in gaining a little more independence. A great deal of thought has gone into the very user friendly website, making it easy for Chris to select social events for himself. Jane and her team are hugely committed to keeping us as parents in the loop, whilst still facilitating Chris’s early steps into making his own decisions safely. The outings and events are well thought out and Chris gains hugely from being able to extend his social learning and understanding within the safety of a warm, understanding and safe group of people. Without Positive Paths Foundation, Chris and us as a family would really struggle now and I know Chris would have regressed especially over the past two years. It is well documented every day, what a great strain our social care system is under and things are only going to deteriorate further. Thank you positive paths for making Chris’s life a complete and fulfilling picture and for easing the pressure on his family.

Hi my name is Ben – The PPF is really fun, we do all sorts of different fun activities, my favourites were bowling, beach games and the pub night. Even when I am anxious Shelley and the others make me feel OK and I still have a great time. I enjoy getting to know new people there. I enjoy the meals they do there, I enjoy the fun entertainment they do there, I do remember on the last residential we did a drama club with funny acting in a play we did. Yeah I enjoyed the boat race and the camp fire. I enjoyed the crazy golf too, the indoor one and the outdoor one. I enjoyed bowling because bowling is one of my favourites. I remember I enjoyed playing Beach Volleyball at the beach one time. Yeah I’m looking forward to the Swanage railway trip going on a train and I’m looking forward to the residential we are going on in the future.

Anita, Ben's Mum - My son Ben has really benefited from the great social activities organised by Positive Path Foundation. Jane and Shelley ensure Ben feels safe and has fun mixing with other people who have similar challenges. This has boosted Ben’s confidence so much. The residential was a fantastic experience for Ben. I am really pleased we found PPF.

Hi my name is Stephen – Hi, my name is Stephen - I was a little anxious as I didn't know what it would be like until I finally met all these people at Positive Path. And now that I have found it incredibly exciting whilst have been able to make more new friends including George who is such fun, chatty and makes me laugh as he is full of friendly humour since I have had lots of friendly chats with him! The staff I have met are so fun and friendly when they have been watching me and other people help each other in a team during one of the social games or activities. I enjoy the social games we do such as the bingo, quizzes, discos and the outdoor activities we have done like the 'snowtrax' and crazy golf. I also thank all Positive Path for following me on Instagram and l really looking forward to coming to the beach evening next week and all the other fun activities we will do together

Suzanne, Stephen's Mother - Finding PPF for our son has enriched his life providing him with opportunities to socialise independently with like minded young adults in a safe environment. The staff are warm welcoming and clearly committed to helping high functioning adults develop their communication and social skills so they are equipped to form meaningful friendships and possibly relationships now and in the future. But above all else these young people have FUN and it gives them hope. We can already see the positive effect of joy confidence and sense of belonging our son has developed having his own friends since joining the PPF. As parents of a young person with special needs we always worry about the future. PPF gives us hope that he has the potential to have a more fulfilling life ahead of him.

Hi my name is Sarah – The people are all friendly and we have some fabulous social events. The zoom meetings were all fun to join in with and were stimulating, encouraging and enthusiastic. I havent been a member very long but I can say that Jane is a great role model and founder of the group and always puts so much time and effort into making it a huge success. I really admire her work of building this group up and her team behind her are a tremendous support. This is a great charity and I feel honoured and appreciative to be a part of it. Everyone is so lovely, warm and welcoming. I am looking forward to more going out events and to playing the Wedding Planner in the fun filled and light hearted comedy remake of Jane and Shelley's version of the fantastic Aladdin at the end of the year. I would like to express that I really recommend this awesome group!

Hi my name is Emma – Positive Path Foundation is a fantastic charity. Since I have been a member it has made me feel that I am finally part of something, as we are all treated and respected in the same way. I’m meeting new people and making friends. Since lockdown we have been doing some exciting activities on Zoom which has helped me stay connected. That’s why I like Positive Path Foundation.

Daniel, Emma's dad - Incredible opportunity for our daughter to engage in fun, safe, challenging and rewarding activities with like minded people.

Hi my name is Joe – What I enjoyed about being a member is that we are all equal with our disabilities. We are all being positive and you meet all the members and staff who run the charity.

Debbie, Joe's mum - Joe has really benefited from joining this group earlier in the year. I have seen his confidence grow before my eyes and it is so lovely to see him chat and laugh with his new friends. It has given him a whole new lease of life and helped him spend more independent time away from his family.

Hi my name is Joanna – I like to be part of Positive Path because I like meeting new people, making new friends and going out.

Jane, Joanna's mum - Joanna has thoroughly enjoyed all the zoom meetings and events and it’s been wonderful for her to meet new people, especially with everything going on at the moment. She doesn’t feel as isolated as she could have been. It’s been brilliant for her mental health. Thank you to all involved.

Hi my name is CJ – I have recently joined Positive Path Foundation and have had some really great outings and met some lovely friendly people. I have been to beach games evenings, boat trips and played crazy golf. I am looking forward to plenty more fun and socialising. Everyone is really friendly and I feel relaxed and happy to join in. Jane is super friendly and very positive and fills us with enthusiasm!

Helen, CJ's mum - Thank you so much for organizing some wonderful and fun-filled events. We very much look forward to taking part in the activities and have a lot of fun. We feel very included and that brings a smile to my son’s face!

Hi my name is Katie Yates – I love being a member of Positive Path Foundation as it helped me to meet new friends as it is hard at my age to meet people. Jane and Jo are fab people and have made it feel really relaxed.

Pauline, Katie Yates's mum - I first saw an article about Positive Path Foundation in the Evening Echo when my daughter really needed some companionship and fun things to do. Positive Path Foundation have definitely given that in abundance.

Hi my name is Josh Ward – I’ve been a member of Positive Path Foundation since it’s inception in January of 2020. I’ve really enjoyed the events and getting to meet all the members. Everyone has been lovely and warm and welcoming. I had always dreamt of something like this happening in my area but never thought it actually would and so when I first heard about it in my local newspaper I instantly signed up and haven’t looked back since. I would implore you to consider joining because it’s great fun with all the different numerous events and you get to make new friend’s and gradually build up your confidence.

Anna, Josh Ward's mum - Positive Path Foundation has helped my son build new friendships and socialise within a safe environment. His confidence has grown as a result. Events are varied and fun. The groups are inclusive and supportive.

Hi my name is Ross – I have really enjoyed the Positive Path Foundation Zoom meetings during lockdown. We have played bingo, charades, quizzes and “who am I” and dance sessions as well as a drama workshop. We are rehearsing for a pantomime, Aladdin. I have made lots of new friends. We have a lot of events planned for when the Lockdown eases. My mum has also enjoyed joining in the zoom meetings and she has met some new parents and carers. She says it has been a lifesaver, during lockdown.

Wendy, Ross's mum - My son and myself have enjoyed meeting new people/ families

Hi my name is Daniella – I have Down Syndrome . When I first joined Positive Path Foundation we had a lot of events on zoom during lockdown. We did bingo and quizzes. I wanted to make friends so I wanted to join this group. My friend Joseph recommend me to this group.

Hi my name is Tyra – I like going to drama club and going to Crazy Golf and meeting new friends. I like hanging out with all the people. I also like doing the zooms with quizzes and bingo and other games. It is fun to be able to talk to others and Jane and her helpers are good and kind and support us all. I like that we go out to coffee shops or pubs and other outings with all of them. It is nice to have new friends to talk to and do things with, together. Jane is a loving caring person who helps us all to understand things and feel better about ourselves. She supports us and encourages