Hi my name is S – As a Mum of an adult with mild ASD, physical and learning disabilities I felt completely unsupported until we very recently discovered Positive Path Foundation. Having spent the last 21 years being told our son doesn’t seem to fit in with the usual support on offer as he is too high functioning, we were at a loss and our son felt isolated with low self esteem. Our son just wants to feel like other 21 year olds and be able to gain valuable life experiences but hasn’t been able to achieve this until now. He felt listened to and safe at the social gathering we attended. I was able to meet other parents and gain their thoughts on services available for future employability, benefits and housing. This was a very emotional experience for me as a parent and the knowledge founder Jane shared was so appreciated. For the first time ever our son felt “ heard” and that he belonged somewhere. Jane and Shelley instantly make everyone feel welcome and equal, you can see how well they support the members who appear to be thriving in the relaxed environment they create. I think there is a way to go to make my son feel completely comfortable with the group but they are doing all they can to welcome him and the activities on offer are varied and appropriate. With huge gratitude to this fabulous charity that has already transformed our lives for the better and given us hope for the future.