As a registered charity, Positive Path Foundation focuses on creating as many opportunities as possible for its members aged 16+ with physical disabilities or high- functioning ASD to meet, socialise and most importantly, have fun and grow as individuals.

We also provide a range of additonal services to both individuals and entire families living with autism.

We all know that good friendships have a powerfully positive impact on our quality of life. Research shows that supportive friendships increase our self-esteem and play a vital role in helping us to enjoy good physical and mental health.

For people with high-functioning ASD and physical challenges, opportunities to make friends can be limited, leading to a sense of isolation and loneliness. A study by Scope shows that a staggering 85% of young adults with physical and learning challenges, aged 18 to 35 feel lonely.

Positive Path Foundation was born out of the determination of our founder, Jane Atkinson, that the world of friendships and companionship would not be closed to her high-functioning autistic son, George. Having failed to find any suitable social clubs in the Hampshire and Dorset area, she launched Positive Path Foundation.

The positive impact of friendship and social inclusion on our members is clear to see and drives us forward to increase the number of social events, workshops and supporting services we offer for the entire family.

We aim to become instrumental in changing the statistic that only 4.8% of adults with autism gain full time employment.  In 2023 PPF commenced partnership with the Minstead Trust Employability Scheme to locate supported, paid apprenticeships and job opportunities in Hampshire and the BCP area for our members.

We will continue to grow and evolve our services for adults with physical and learning challenges. Responding to the needs of our member’s families and others living with high-functioning ASD has led to a range of Family services: Time Out respite, Sibling Support, Adult Support, Therapy & Mentoring and Play Therapy for children aged 3+.