We are proud to work with and recommend some fantastic companies, therapists, services, leisure activities and places to eat that have a proven track record of helping and welcoming our members.

The Bounce Department

When it comes to bouncy castle hire, there are few companies as customer-focused as The Bounce Department. We have a massive array of different inflatables and party supplies ready for you to order, and we’re bringing them to parties in Southampton, Basingstoke and beyond! For weddings in Winchester, special days in Salisbury or crazy nights in New Forest, The Bounce Department are bringing the WOW factor to all kinds of celebrations. Covering Hampshire and beyond!

One of our members, George even has a part time job with these guys, thank you for believing in our members ability and supporting special needs adults.

Visit the The Bounce Department Website

Autism Unlimited exists to support and empower autistic children, adults and their families. We partner with them to find solutions and provide educational and life skills training.

From bespoke education for children, to independent living skills and career guidance for adults, we ensure that everyone who comes to us for support finds a route to their goals and to a rich and fulfilled life.

Visit the Autism Unlimited Website

Sensory Smart Store

The Sensory Smart Store is run by Mel Thomsett in the New Forest, Hampshire. Mel is Mum to a son who was diagnosed with Autism at age 2 years and 9 months.

Her journey inspired her to open the Sensory Smart Store to bring clothing, books, shoes, healthcare products for anyone trying to navigate family life with a sensory processing disorder and to help other kids struggling with sensitivities to seams, labels, fabrics and textures.

Visit the Sensory Smart Store Website

BCP Council

The BCP Council SEND Local Offer provides information on services and activities for children and young people living in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole aged 0 to 25 with special educational needs and disabilities.

Visit the BCP Council Website


Very friendly staff and always very welcoming to our members, lots of gf/df options on the menu too.

Visit the TGI Friday Website

Mr Mulligan’s, Bournemouth

This venue has always gone over and above when we book a fab game of golf for our members so another for us to recommend!

Visit the Mr Mulligan’s Website

Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf Bournemouth

Come and embark on a journey and be taken back in time to live the life of a smuggler. With 18 holes of action-packed adventure, experience Bournemouth’s past as you smuggle your ball past treacherous rocks, church ruins and waterfalls. Packed with challenges, the themed course is perfect for some friendly family rivalry.

Visit the Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf Website


The ultimate store for supplements for all sorts’ ailments. Only high-quality brands with a focus on spectrum supplies. Mandimart is owned by Mandi and her son Joe. Mandi’s son Sam has 47XYY, severe regressive autism, heavy metal toxicity and epilepsy. Her knowledge of supplements is second to none.

Visit the Mandimart Website

Robin Nursery School

Robin Nursery School is situated in the centre of Sway village at the Youth Centre building. The manager is known for giving fantastic opportunities for special needs adult who wish to have a career working with children. The support they offer is amazing in a safe environment.

Visit the Robin Nursery School Website

Suzie Ankers Private Occupational Therapy, Bournemouth

Suzie provides Occupational Therapy to children under the age of 12 with sensory processing difficulties, ADHD, Autism and Attachment Difficulties.

Visit the Sensory Therapy Website

Rose Road Association, Southampton

The Rose Road Association is a charity that provides services for over 300 children and young adults with severe physical disabilities, learning difficulties, and/or autism.

Based in Southampton in the UK, and also work across Hampshire and surrounding counties.

Visit the Rose Road Association Website

Re:Minds, Southampton

Re:Minds is a Southampton based organisation supporting families whose children/young people with Autism, ADHD and/or mental health issues (no diagnosis is needed). Their aim is to allow people whose children face similar issues to meet up in an informal setting to share knowledge and talk about any challenges the families are facing.

Visit the Re:Minds Website

Stephen Cooper Art

Stephen is one of our members and a fantastic artist. He started drawing at the age of 5 as a way of expressing himself. Stephen has a language disability and mild autism.

His work is very inspired by his trips to London and his love for architecture.

Visit the Stephen Cooper Art Website

Parent Carer Foundation, Bournemouth

Parent Carer Foundation is an independent, inclusive and diverse charity for parents and carers (of all ages) we were initially set up in 2010, and our charity recognises the caring role of anyone living with everyday challenges of being a parent or carer of children and adults, caring for a family member or friend who is ill, frail, life-limited, disabled or has mental health needs.

Parent Carer Foundation supports parents and carers to participate, engage and express their views as a collective voice to all organisations who shape and deliver services locally for all disabled children, adults, SEND or special educational needs, with or without a diagnosis.

Visit the Parent Carer Foundation Website

Springhead Trust, Shaftesbury

We at Positive Path enjoyed our very first residential here at Springhead and very successful it was too!

Springhead’s mission is to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to experience and value the rural environment, and to learn about the sustainable use of natural resources; as well as to conserve the buildings and gardens as a special place for education, enjoyment of the arts, music
The centre can accommodate groups of up to 39 adults or children in a range of rooms.

Accommodation can be full board, half board or can be hired on a self-catered basis.

Visit the Springhead Website

Community First, Ringwood

Community First is a registered Charity which enables individuals and local groups to be the difference they want to see in their local communities.

We achieve this through connecting and engaging with the community, identifying where essential services could make a difference to peoples’ lives and facilitating this change through the actions of dedicated individuals and organisations.

Visit the Community First Website

Sway Village Hall, New Forest

Sway Village Hall is a great place to hire for any occasion.

Visit the Sway Village Hall Website

Quay Leisure Boat Hire, Christchurch

Willow Way Marina is a family owned and operated marina located on the tranquil River Stour in the heart of Christchurch. Just 20 minutes from the sea via Christchurch Harbour and a 10 minute walk from Christchurch town centre.

Self drive hire boats can carry up to six passengers and are available to hire to explore the beautiful River Stour. No licence is necessary and full instructions are given before your trip. Life jackets are provided for adults and children. Dogs are also welcome on board

Visit the Quay Leisure Boat Hire Website

Umbrella Group, Christchurch, Dorset

The Umbrella Group is a parent led support group, for parents/carers of children and young adults with ASD.

The Umbrella Group aims to cover a wide spectrum of behaviours which all come under the same umbrella of autism. The group normally meet once a month, but during school holidays, meetings may not take place or are rescheduled and so please check first.

Visit the Umbrella Group Facebook Page

Hollywood Bowl

With the best lanes and fantastic food and drinks, our Hollywood Bowl Poole Tower Park centre is the ideal place to visit. Spend time relaxing in the bar, or getting competitive on the lanes; we’ve got the perfect place for you to share amazing times with family and friends! They could not be more welcoming to our members

Visit the Hollywood Bowl Website

David Booth Fitness

David is a highly qualified Personal Trainer, weight loss specialist and injury rehabilitation specialist for the New forest, Hampshire and Dorset.

He has been absolutely amazing providing personal training to one of our members, George. He is patient, calm and realistic in his approach. Whatever your age or ability it is David’s aim to guide, motivate and support you every step of the way including those with additional needs.

Visit the David Booth Fitness Website

The House Martin

Located in New Milton, on the edge of the New Forest, the House Martin is a perfect example of a friendly, quality English village pub that we all know and love. Steeped in history it still has a lot of its original features like the traditional oak beans, open fires and flagstone floors as well as some more quirky ones, make sure you look out for some interesting items in the birdcages hanging in the barn.

They are fantastic with catering for special dietary requirements and the all important welcome is always received.

Visit the House Martin Website

Autism Hampshire

Creating opportunities, challenging perceptions, enhancing choices and providing high quality services to meet the divers needs of people on the autism spectrum.

Visit the Autism Hampshire Website

Laser Quest, Bournemouth

Laser Quest is in essence a game of tag with a twist! Points are awarded every time you ‘zap’ another player, with points deducted every time you are ‘zapped’.

At the end of each game, scores are displayed on our plasma score screen, with each player receiving an individual score card that has a breakdown of the score. Laser Quest have given great charity package rates to our members.

Visit the Laser Quest Website

PlayGolf, Bournemouth

Again another welcoming venue for our members to visit. Larger than life entertainment in a stunning rural destination. Featuring our new dinosaur themed adventure golf experience, state-of-the-art driving range, beautifully landscaped gardens, restaurant, bar and more.

Visit the PlayGolf Website

Caudwell Children

Caudwell Children has been changing the futures of disabled children by providing access to the services, equipment, therapies and treatments they need.

Visit the Caudwell Children’s Website

Lucinda Miller, Nature Doc

A Naturopath, Iridologist, Herbalist & Functional Medicine Practitioner, Lucinda takes a scientific and holistic approach to identifying health problems, using laboratory testing and gentle, natural interventions to provide solutions.

Lucinda has over 20 years’ experience as a naturopath and gained a diploma in Naturopathic Iridology and Wester Herbal Medicine (MGNI MRNI MH) from The Holistic Health College. She gained a further diploma in 2008 from the Functional Medicine University and is a fully qualified NLP coach and mentor for kids with ADHD and Autism. She is a mother of three children and lives in Wiltshire and also practises in London.

Visit the Nature Doc Website

Young Driver

Young Driver work with many young and older people with a wide range of disabilities, including those who are deaf, blind, have learning difficulties or neurological disorders.

Some many never have thought they would have the opportunity to experience what it is like to drive a car and some may never be able to drive on the roads but some actually do! Lessons take place on private property, the rules are more flexible than on the road.

Read about our very own George Stooks’ experience with Young Driver here

Visit the Young Driver Website

Stella Chadwick, Brainstorm Health

Stella Chadwick founded Brainstorm Health to improve the wellbeing of children with Autism, ADHD, PANS/PANDAS and other neurological issues. Her unique programme can help build up your child’s health for a better, brighter future.

Stella’s intricate knowledge and experience with children (especially those with ASD) puts her at the leading edge of functional medicine based nutritional therapy.

Visit the Brainstorm Health Website

Helios Pharmacy

Helios was formed by John and Maya Morgan and four enthusiastic homeopathic students with a great passion for homeopathy. Their shared ambition was to create a new source of potent, accurate and effective remedies to bring profound healing and relief of suffering.

Visit the Helios Pharmacy Website

Autism Eye Magazine

A vital source of in-depth autism information and advice. Subscription based magazine that is supplied in print or digital format.

Visit the Autism Eye Website

Plan It – Rhiannon Gogh Financial Advisor

Rhiannon is not your every day financial advisor. What is different about Rhiannon you ask? The difference is Rhiannon is also a special needs mum and understands about financial planning for parents of children with disabilities.

Rhiannon can give particular insights into what fellow parents of children with a disability need, both financially and emotionally.  You will get calm, clear, jargon-free advice that addresses everything from financial vulnerability to protecting funded support.

Visit the Plan It Future Website