What Can We Offer You?

Join Positive Path Foundation and help develop your social and life skills which will allow you to socially thrive and connect with others. People with physical and learning challenges benefit from extra support in mastering these skills. The Positive Path Foundation provides a safe environment in which these skills can be developed with the help of our highly qualified team.

We listen to our members and take suggestions onboard; we create a non-judgemental atmosphere where everyone can be themselves and do our best to help you become the best you can possibly be while enjoying life to the max! If there is something you find particularly challenging and want to overcome it then let us know and we will do our utmost to support you to reach your goal.

We offer an extensive range of social events and workshops designed to help our members grow in self -esteem, confidence and independence. Activities include social events such as discos, live gigs and visits to cinemas, theatres and restaurants. Workshops, covering subjects such as communication skills, drama, travel training, money management and cookery, are also available.

Additional services when you join Positive Path Foundation include dating chaperones and counselling which can be offered individually to members to help them overcome certain obstacles they face, collectively as a family or just for our members or their parents/guardians individually.

As well as group events we like to hold days out in smaller numbers for selected interests and new adventures such as shopping, paint ball, pampering, archery, white water rafting and quad biking. Our aim is to introduce as many new experiences as possible to our members that they have yearned to do but never had the confidence or opportunity to carry out. These are provided on a maximum of four members to provide a really special day.

All events are optional, you choose which ones you would like to attend, nothing at Positive Path Foundation is imposed upon you, it is your choice in what you would like to take part in.


I was a little anxious as I didn't know what it would be like until I finally met all these people at Positive Path and now that I have found it it is incredibly exciting!
it is nice to have new friends to talk to and do things with, together.
I like to be part of Positive Path because I like meeting new people
Everyone is really friendly and I feel relaxed and happy to join in.

Joining Positive Path Friendship

Join Positive Path Foundation today!
To become a member, just fill in our simple online application form by clicking the button below and once received Jane will contact you to arrange to a video chat.
Once you become a member, you will be able to join in with all our events and workshops.
We rely heavily on donations to hold our events and cover our running costs, our members can donate £10 per month to the charity via standing order if they wish to do so. For the events and workshops there will be cost to attend .
If any of our members want to meet up outside of the events, we will provide a chaperone.

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