What Can We Offer You?

Positive Path Foundation will help you develop your social and life skills through our programme of shared events and activities, where you can connect with other similar people. Our members, having either high-functioning ASD or physical challenges, benefit in many ways from the help we provide for social interaction, new experiences and friendships in safe and fun environments, supported by our highly qualified team.

You and your views matter! We listen to our members and their families and take all suggestions onboard; we create a non-judgemental atmosphere where everyone can be themselves and we will help you become the best possible version of yourself whilst enjoying life to the max!

We run a constantly changing calendar offering a broad variety of social events and workshops designed to help you grow in self -esteem, confidence and independence; for example discos, live gigs, summer beach parties, visits to cinemas, theatres and restaurants. We also run quarterly life skills workshops, covering subjects such as communication skills, drama, travel training, money management and cookery.

As well as group events, we also offer activity days for smaller groups, catering for selected interests and new adventures such as shopping, climbing, golf, paint balling, pampering, archery, white water rafting and quad biking. Once a year we also run a residential activity weekend. Our aim is to introduce as many new experiences as possible; ones that perhaps you have longed for, but never had the confidence or opportunity to enjoy before.

All events are optional: you choose which ones you would like to attend. Nothing at Positive Path Foundation is imposed upon our members and it is up to you to choose what events you want to take part in.


Joining Positive Path Foundation

To become a member, just fill in our simple online application form by clicking the button below and once received Jane will contact you to arrange to a chat.

Once you become a member, you will be able to join in with all our events and workshops.

Membership is £15 per month to the charity via standing order. For the events and workshops there will be additional cost to attend. You may be able to fund your events with Positive Path via your Direct Payments, please check with your local authority.

In cases of genuine financial hardship we can waive membership fees. Economic disadvantage will never be a barrier to becoming a PPF member. Please email jane@positivepathfoundation.org for clarification.

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