Hi my name is Connor – I have felt so happy that I joined PPF and I felt very welcome from Jane and Shelley and the PPF family when I started. I am already making some new friends and also signed up for a lot of the events that are available. Jane and Shelley are ever so lovely and very supportive as well and I met lots of lovely people in the family. I am so delighted that I found this organisation.

Penelope, Connor's Mum - I thought we would never find an adult social group that was appropriate for our son Connor. Luckily we have discovered PPF (through their partnership with the Minstead Trust). What a positive discovery! For the first time in many years this feels like a good fit both socially and developmentally for our adult son. He is already making new friends and feels like he belongs. We have been given such a warm and friendly welcome from Jane, Shelley and the PPF 'family' and even though Connor is a new member, he has signed up for nearly every social event on offer, including the residential next May! We feel so fortunate to have found this organisation and would highly recommend it.