Hi my name is Chris – I enjoy going to the Positive Path events and the people are nice, especially Jane

Charlotte, Chris 's Mum - Chris has gained a great deal since joining Positive Path Foundation. Unfortunately there is a great gap in social opportunities for higher functioning adults like Chris. Many of the available social groups have an upper age limit of 25 and the ones for the over 25’s are accessed by profoundly disabled adults with physical and challenging emotional needs. Chris has a broad range of issues and an acute language and communication learning disability. Chris is however very bright and has no physical disabilities. Before Positive Path Foundation was formed, Chris was extremely isolated and lonely. As his brothers and sisters have grown up and flown the nest, his self esteem has plummeted. The current pandemic has only exacerbated these issues. Jane and her wonderful team have been a ray of sunshine and Chris has blossomed. Because Positive Path Foundation is so transparent and well organised, we as a family have been able to support Chris in gaining a little more independence. A great deal of thought has gone into the very user friendly website, making it easy for Chris to select social events for himself. Jane and her team are hugely committed to keeping us as parents in the loop, whilst still facilitating Chris’s early steps into making his own decisions safely. The outings and events are well thought out and Chris gains hugely from being able to extend his social learning and understanding within the safety of a warm, understanding and safe group of people. Without Positive Paths Foundation, Chris and us as a family would really struggle now and I know Chris would have regressed especially over the past two years. It is well documented every day, what a great strain our social care system is under and things are only going to deteriorate further. Thank you positive paths for making Chris’s life a complete and fulfilling picture and for easing the pressure on his family.