Hi my name is Stephen – Hi, my name is Stephen - I was a little anxious as I didn't know what it would be like until I finally met all these people at Positive Path. And now that I have found it incredibly exciting whilst have been able to make more new friends including George who is such fun, chatty and makes me laugh as he is full of friendly humour since I have had lots of friendly chats with him! The staff I have met are so fun and friendly when they have been watching me and other people help each other in a team during one of the social games or activities. I enjoy the social games we do such as the bingo, quizzes, discos and the outdoor activities we have done like the 'snowtrax' and crazy golf. I also thank all Positive Path for following me on Instagram and l really looking forward to coming to the beach evening next week and all the other fun activities we will do together

Suzanne, Stephen's Mother - Finding PPF for our son has enriched his life providing him with opportunities to socialise independently with like minded young adults in a safe environment. The staff are warm welcoming and clearly committed to helping high functioning adults develop their communication and social skills so they are equipped to form meaningful friendships and possibly relationships now and in the future. But above all else these young people have FUN and it gives them hope. We can already see the positive effect of joy confidence and sense of belonging our son has developed having his own friends since joining the PPF. As parents of a young person with special needs we always worry about the future. PPF gives us hope that he has the potential to have a more fulfilling life ahead of him.