Hi my name is Chris – I'm a member of Positive Path Foundation!

Helen, Chris's Mum - Chris joined Positive Path not long after it launched. Since then, he has had the opportunity to have a social life and make friends, attend events he would not otherwise be able to do and become more independent, outgoing, sociable and confident. Not only does Chris get to enjoy himself, he gets to feel like he ‘belongs’ to society. This feeling of belonging cannot be underestimated. It is vital for our young people to have something to look forward to, particularly post-Covid, when everything was put on hold. Jane provides a fantastic space for this to happen with young people who do not get this opportunity unless someone steps in. Jane and Shelley make it happen! The variety of events are fantastic. Everything from escape rooms, to boat trips, archery, bowling, pub nights and meals out, BBQs, movie nights, laser quest – a particular favourite of Chris’s – they do it all! They are upbeat, positive, always striving to make the members’ lives better, always working towards enabling members to feel included, and worthy of having fun. We recently attended a drama production – written and produced by Jane and Shelley. Although Chris was not in the production (his choice) my husband and I were so impressed with the outgoing confident, smiling faces which met us on stage. It was a joy to watch! Drama is a great way to help anyone overcome shyness and lack of confidence and self-esteem. This is so beneficial to members in lots of different ways and can help them secure job interviews at a later date. We would be lost without Positive Path!