Hi my name is Fraser – Life has changed for Fraser over the last 6 months since discovering this wonderful charity. He is accepted, acknowledged and appreciated within a group, offered opportunities to socialise, interact and communicate in a safe and age appropriate environment. Jane and Shelley source a mix of fun and engaging activities and events that I can’t replicate at home. He has learn new skills whilst taking part in archery, rock climbing and go karting and built friendships and trust whilst playing team games and sports. Fraser very much looks forwards to the events, always keen to know when the next outing is which gives him a sense of belonging and inclusion. As parents, other than his school days, we provided all his social and leisure activities which were often poorly attended due to his isolation within the community and his peers. He is thriving within his new found group, talking about ‘my friends’ which is heartwarming to hear. We drop him off in the capable hands of Jane and Shelley knowing he will have a fantastic time, which also allows us some hours of respite and a break. I wholeheartedly recommend Positive Path Foundation for the exceptional service they provide and the productive impact it has had on our lives - Georgi, Fraser's mum