Hi my name is Emma – My name is Emma Wilson and I am very happy to be a member of Positive Path Foundation (PPF). I have really enjoyed all of the activities and meeting new friends. Jane and Shelley are such nice people and they work really hard to arrange a lot of activities for us to enjoy. I loved the summer camp at Osmington Bay, where we did climbing, archery, rifle shooting, buggy-building and zip-wire. I also enjoyed movie nights, drama, crazy golf, arcade games, laser tag, barbecue, Valentines day and going to the theatre (we saw School of Rock and Beauty and the Beast). Jane and Shelley are such fun and always make me laugh. I am really grateful for the nice new friends that I have made through PPF.

Graham & Janine, Emma's Parents - We relocated to Bournemouth from Dubai in December 2021, primarily to give better opportunities in life to our daughter Emma, who has mild learning disabilities. Almost as soon as we landed, Emma started researching age-appropriate special needs groups to join and discovered that there are very few that cater for young adults over 25. After a few google searches, Emma found out about Positive Path Foundation and told us that this is the group that she wanted to join. She joined within a few days and the first event that she attended was the Christmas Party, where she met lots of people with similar challenges and started to make some new friends. Since then, Emma has attended as many PPF events as she can and made a lot of new friends, some of whom she meets outside of the group. PPF provides a great variety of different events and experiences and a fantastic opportunity for young people with challenges to widen their social network and build confidence in a nurturing and safe environment. Emma especially enjoyed the summer camp at Osmington and performing in the drama production. Being a member of PPF has also helped Emma become a bit more independent with taking public transport, as she frequently catches the train to events with two other PPF members. Jane, Shelley and the rest of the team at PPF are fantastic at what they do and we are very grateful to them for helping Emma settle into life in England so quickly and painlessly. Long live PPF!