Hi my name is Nikki (Mum) – We have been working with Jane from the PPF since January 2022. Our youngest son started Secondary School in September 2021 and was having extreme difficulties adjusting and settling into his new environment. We are presently undertaking an EHCP for him and also an ASC assessment, as the Secondary School identified him as being on the Autistic Spectrum. Initially we were lost as a family, with this diagnosis. We just assumed our son was strong willed and would do things in his own time, which has been the case with most of his development on reflection. There was no indication from Primary School other than in Home Schooling during the Pandemic we struggled to get him to engage with this homework at the time. His behaviour was very extreme with regular meltdowns and crying fits, this was taking place at home and within the school setting. He was withdrawn and wouldn't really interact with us as a family. We had a couple of "parental" sessions initially where we explained our history and then Jane suggested different strategies and techniques to use when he was displaying this type of behaviour in the home setting. The strategies whilst seemed "easy" to implement I knew there would be much resistance from our son.....However Jane was on hand whenever I needed reassurance or someone to talk too...and we committed to them and stuck with it. Within a few weeks of sticking to the new way of parenting; I'm pleased to say the strategies were having a positive affect. Our son is interacting with us happily now. He is more engaged with us as family, and there are less meltdowns too!!! If we do have the odd blip/moment, then I feel confident with how to handle these situations now and for that I will be eternally grateful. We continue to work with Jane, she is supporting us through the EHCP process and helping us liaise with the various Departments this involves. I would 100% recommend Positive Path Therapy.