Hi my name is Josh – I have been a member of the Positive Path Foundation now since it very first started all the back in late 2019. I attended the very first event which happened at the end of January 2020 and I can vividly remember how much fun it was and how it was super refreshing to meet new people and engage in a really supportive environment with the wonderful Jane and Shelley at hand to oversee and run the events with superb accuracy at involving everyone and making sure we have the best time ever. From that very first event it then got even more exciting as the membership list gradually started grow and grow and it went from strength to strength in terms of the charity being able to put on more exciting events like disco nights and trips to the zoo and bowling and not to mention the crazy golf which is always popular with the members. Since 2021 the charity has put on a weekend away residential somewhere with great activities on offer and a lot of fun and laughter to be had with the PPF Family. I've especially benefited and enjoyed the opportunity to get away from home and to forget about all my worries and troubles happening for a couple of day's. I can honestly say that without this charity in my life and without the connections and the people I've made friend's with my life would be drastically different today in a way that honestly I don't think I'd be able to cope socially around people because I'd be too anxious, worried and overwhelmed to think about surrounding myself with new people. It's honestly brought me out of my shell massively and given me a huge surge of confidence boosting into a lot of areas in my life where I massively needed it. Without the Positive Path Foundation I would simply not have made it through the pandemic because of the mental strain it was having on me and how badly it was affecting me. The lockdowns especially were difficult however through zoom calls upon which we did bingo it did manage to help me not feel so alone. Even just being able to meet up with Jane and her amazing incredible son George for whom she set up the charity so he could feel included socially and mix with people his age who would understand his autism. Just being able to meet up with Jane and George for some socially distanced walks in the new forest helped massively as restrictions eased. Me and George as time went on began to strike up a very good friendship so much so that we are now besties and chat everyday on WhatsApp or text. Having George as a bestie is amazing because he can cheer me up instantly on a really bad day and also Jane and Shelley are super supportive to me when I'm having a really low and down day. Through this charity I've manged to make friend's with super nice and caring people who I feel are friend's for life. This charity has saved my life in many way's and it can transform so many lives if it can get the necessary funding to grow bigger and bigger. I've had some incredible opportunities because I was made a members team leader which is a position I am honoured and privileged to upheld. It means that I support new members and help them settle in. It's great that Jane and Shelley have full confidence in me to be a supportive role to new members who are shy and nervous at events. I will always do what I can to help the charity when they need it. I love my PPF family and it means the absolute world to me to be a part of this. I can see a bright future for the charity and I do believe that it can help massively with the member's mental health and feeling valued and listened to. I hope it can benefit you from reading my testimonial and thanks for taking the time to do that.