Hi my name is Amy (Joshua's Mum) – I would like to say a huge huge thank you for inviting Josh and I to the PPF movie night! Josh said he has never felt so welcome by a group of people. He was blown away by how kind and welcoming everyone was, and how they were so similar to himself! The hugs Josh received when we left were actually a massive deal for him, he's never been hugged by someone who isn't family before, and he was smiling all the way home! It was lovely to chat with Jane and Shelley, to meet like minded, non judgemental people was an eye-opener for me, it made me realise maybe I'm not doing as bad as I think I am and other people have been through very similar experiences. I have woken up feeling a like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders! I can't thank you enough, or explain how much one evening has lifted us!