Hi my name is Emma – Positive Path Foundation is a fantastic charity. Since I have been a member it has made me feel that I am finally part of something, as we are all treated and respected in the same way. I’m meeting new people and making friends. Since lockdown we have been doing some exciting activities on Zoom which has helped me stay connected. That’s why I like Positive Path Foundation.

Daniel, Emma's Dad - Emma has a wide range of complex health issues which have prevented her from accessing mainstream social activities. It has always been our hope that as she grew older she would have opportunities to mix and make friends with like-minded people of both her age and a degree of understanding of how she communicates and functions slightly different from people who do not have her presentation. Since joining Positive Path Foundation she has had many opportunities to mix with like-minded people, many of whom she can now call friends. This has both given her confidence in other areas of her life as well as lots of fun and enjoyment. Emma is diagnosed as visually impaired and wears hearing aids. This makes her more sensitive to environments that are both too noisy or too quiet. Having the wide range of opportunities that PPF social activities offers has given Emma opportunity to experience different situations in a safe friendly environment. Her ability to manage her immediate environment is important and we feel she has developed skills to moderate her social situations to meet her sensory needs. As PPF activities are sensitive to the participants individual needs this has been possible and Emma has been stretched which aids her development as well as enabling her to transfer these skills to other social situations. PPF also have been providing us carers and parents with a range of support as well which is important, when our children become adults with disabilities many services drift out of reach so this has been a real bonus for us too. Accessing a wide range of different social activities, from weekends away, cinema nights, beach evenings, crazy golf, climbing walls to name but a few has enriched her life and we can't thank the dedication of Jane and Shelley enough.