How can Play Therapy help my child?

A neurotypical child learns naturally through play, but this can be very different for children on the autistic spectrum. They often lack the motivation and imagination to play and can be exclusive, repetitive and ritualistic in their behaviour.

Play Therapy is particularly effective for children who are non-verbal or for whom communication is a challenge.

Neurotypical children who have suffered bereavement or trauma can also benefit from play and role-play therapy with Jane and Shelley.

We place no pressure on the child to engage in play at any time: it is important we build their motivation to join in by making the process stimulating and most importantly fun. Effective Play Therapy is flexible, and responsive: very much child led.

Play Therapy sessions can be very variable:  there may be periods of disengagement since many autistic children need to self-regulate. We always respect this, waiting for the child to re-engage when they are ready. Providing this space encourages their return to the game naturally and spontaneously.

At the outset for non-verbal children, the play is predominately physical in nature and evolves to more imaginative play as language starts to develop.

We do not teach your non-verbal child to talk, rather we encourage them to communicate through play.  This leads naturally to spontaneous language and development of social skills over time.

Why Choose Jane?
Jane didn’t choose play therapy as her vocation; it chose her!

Jane is the mother of a high functioning autistic 25-year-old, George, whose challenges were severe as a young child. A key enabling feature of his journey from severe to high-functioning autism was the play therapy which Jane developed over time with George’s willing participation.

George’s journey alone is testament to the outstanding success of play therapy,

Jane has first-hand experience of the many challenges of life as a parent of a special needs child. As an Autism Therapist and founder of Positive Path Play Therapy and Positive Path Foundation, Jane has helped many autistic children and parents across the UK with great success. Positive Path Play Therapy is available in the same geographic area as Positive Path Foundation, from Winchester in Hampshire to Poole in Dorset. Our Offices are in Sway, New Forest.

Your child doesn’t need an official diagnosis to have play therapy and we are happy to liaise with all other professionals involved to achieve the very best possible outcomes.

Initially Jane will spend time with parents/guardians to fully understand each child and their challenges. No-one knows your child as well as you and the vital information and insights you provide will be used to build the bespoke programme to suit their specific needs and the target outcomes we agree together.

For more details please contact Jane on 07979 691429 or email