Introducing Time Out!

Let’s face it, occasionally we all need a bit of time out and no truer than for a parent of a special needs son or daughter.

As special needs parents ourselves here at Positive Path Foundation we know how hard it can be to get some time to yourselves to get things done or time to do nothing at all!

The needs of our children change as they grow older and sometimes it can be challenging trying to go out as a family and consider every family member’s needs. So, following on from us launching our Sibling Support Service we are now offering you Time Out for individuals aged 12 and above.

Time Out is a service where we can collect your son/daughter/adult in your care and take them on a day designed by them, almost like a Say Yes day (with limitations!) a day where they get to do exactly what they like to do.

Our service is all about the focus on what the individual’s interests are and they can continue to do this just with a Positive Path buddy for complete one to one attention. However, in time they may wish to mix with another Positive Path Foundation member who likes to do the same things as they do, we can then introduce them and expand their social circle in a safe environment in small select groups.

You may be able to fund our Time Out service via your Direct Payments, please check with your local authority, please email for clarification.

Our Ethos

Here at Positive Path Foundation, we believe that everyone deserves to live life to their maximum capabilities and have a great time whilst doing so! We love to focus on bringing fun and new experiences to our members.

The positive impact of dedicated time, friendship, companionship and perhaps life partners, on these people is clear to see and drives us forward to increase the number of social events, workshops and support services that we offer.

Members of our adult support services have made, as they say. ‘Friends for life’ since joining our charity and this has spurred us on to provide additional services to support the entire family who live daily life in the world of disabilities.

So, whether it is Adult Support, Sibling Support or Time Out we promise to provide a service that is caring, always dedicated and professional.
The founders of Positive Path know exactly what is needed to make life that little bit easier. How do we know this? We know this because we are parents of special needs children ourselves and are trying to fill the gaps on services that we always wanted for our own children but could not find or could not access due to lack of resources.

If you are interested in our services, please give us a call or email us so that we can carry out a short assessment to determine if we can meet your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you

Give our Founder, Jane Atkinson a call to arrange a time to discuss your family’s needs.

07979 691429 or email