Introducing Time Out

We know how difficult it can be for a parent to get time out from caring for a child or young adult with ASD. We also know the difficulties that arise in juggling competing family demands and responsibilities – especially for parents caring for both neurodivergent and neurotypical children.

Time Out for parents (see also Sibling Support) is one of our  services aimed at supporting the welfare of both the individual and the wider family.

Our Time Out service is flexible, designed to provide your son or daughter (age 12+) with a supervised day out of their choosing.
The Time Out day will have a pre-agreed timetable, tailored to the interests of the individual, 1:1 in the care and company of one of the PPF team. PPF membership is not essential for this privately-commissioned service, but for any individual aged 16+, Time Out may provide a gentle introduction to the wider social circle and benefits that Positive Path membership offers.

Your local authority may allow you to fund our Time Out service via your Direct Payments.

Please call or email Jane for further details:

Call:  07979 691429  Email: