Jane is the founder of the positive path foundation a charity based in the new forest which aims to help young adults with mental and physical challenges socialize and make friends she joins me on the show now jane good morning good morning alan thank you for having me on you are most welcome what inspired you to start this oh 100% my son George um they wrote him off at the age of two and told me to put him into care i created a therapy for him he now is studying child care he drives, he is having a most amazing life but the one thing that was missing was the social element of his life because there was nothing out there for young people like my son and that’s what drove me to set up positive path a committed mum don’t ever get in the way of a passionate committed mum because you will just get knocked out of the way so you you get events going you get activities going for um people just like your son so they can meet and make friends and i imagine you’re desperate for some extra funding like every other charity on earth you’ve been hit hard over the last year in a bit yes it’s been very difficult and we don’t get any funding at all even though we are um a service that is much needed by the you can by the time we can tell by the increase of members that we’ve got through the pandemic it’s been a complete lifeline to them and unfortunately we’re not getting any funding from anywhere at the moment and i’m having to fund the whole charity to keep it going so we are desperate for donations and funding to allow these young people to continue to develop and gain friends and independence yeah and it’s incredible work you’re doing so let’s give that a huge plug right now jane atkinson thank you for being on the show this morning if you would like to put that pound in your pocket into jane’s work then she would be thrilled if you would do that funding a lot of it herself at the moment but passionate about these young men and women who need to make connections just like her son you need to jump online and look for the positive path foundation a charity based in the new forest the positive path foundation they’re looking for a little bit of extra funding after covid and if you can help them they would be thrilled