Positive Path Foundation Founder Jane Atkinson was interviewed for the BBC news in December about the charity’s winter wonderland fundraiser event we held. Take a look at the interview! Interview transcript Chrissy Sturt: “Thank you Tom. Well, it’s dark, it’s cold and we are into December now but are you feeling Christmasy? Well maybe what I’m about to show you will put you in the mood. Get ready for the big reveal…here in a front garden in Sway is a wonderful winter wonderland. It’s all inspired by the world famous Disney movie Frozen which is, of course, so popular. Here’s Elsa belting out the tunes – the children of the village have all been along to have a lovely dance with her, it’s been a really special community event. They’re raising lots of money – you can see the buckets over there – contributions have been rolling in because it’s all for charity. But the star attraction, let me tell you, isn’t Elsa – don’t tell Elsa – it’s Olaf, that’s who all the children have wanted to have their picture taken with. He’s here inside this icepod and in a wonderful strength of irony, it’s incredibly hot in here and he’s melting because there’s a heater! Hello Olaf. I’m so sorry but we’re going to have to ruin the illusion for a moment and get you to take off our head. HI, Jane Atkinson, what is tonight all about?” Jane: “It’s about making people more aware of our charity and what we do.” Chrissy: “And what do you do?” Jane: “We work with young adults and whole families with special needs. We offer social help, we help them gain friendships, we help them to have confidence. I’m also a therapist and counsellor so I help them with mentoring because of their mental health. Most of our members are very high functioning and they have a hidden disability so consequently their mental health is normally masked.” Chrissy: “And this all came about because you decorated your house for Halloween , everybody in the village of Sway loved it and they said please do something for Christmas!” Jane: “Yeah they did and I was sort of like, ‘Oh no, what are we going to do to make up for it’ and I said to Shelly, AKA Elsa, let’s make this an opportunity to make people more aware of our charity and fundraise.” Chrissy: “I’ll let you put your head back on. Thank you so much, I hope we haven’t ruined the surprise for any children, I’m so sorry about that if we have but Tom I do hope that’s put you in the Christmas mood. Back to you…”